About Us

This site is brought to you by RRW Consulting. RRW Consulting understands direct marketing.  We’ve figured out the secret of using data and analytics to increase our clients’ ROI, and we passionately believe in this industry.

We have (yikes!) over 20 years experience in sales and marketing, with a heavy focus on direct marketing. In addition to this Analytical blog, we also author a daily Direct Marketing Blog. Plus, we run a consulting business where we work with Fortune 500 clients helping them improve their database and direct marketing strategies and programs.

But our most cherished piece of our business is our Analyze Your Customers service. We saw the lack of a resource where marketers of all sizes can take advantage of advanced analytical solutions and so we created this exciting analytically-focused business.

We firmly believe in the power of analytics. We use analytics to turn data into intelligence, ultimately boosting overall marketing performance. Our combination of analytical skills, smart business sense and experience in implementation helps businesses better target and sell to their customers and prospects.

Analyze Your Customers specializes in three areas:

  1. Customer Profiling
  2. Statistical Modeling
  3. Segmentation Solutions

We look forward to discussing how our focus on analytics can help your business thrive and grow.


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